About Us


Our Vision

“We strive to be called as the best concept creators in the MICE world. We launch platforms that connect people, culture and businesses around the world through conferences, summits, tradeshows and expositions by continuously creating world-class event concepts in enlightening attendee and brand experience.”


Our Mission

“Identify current market trends through constant research and timely utilization of latest technologies, build a strategy map and understand what makes a good measure that is attainable by the task force at the most compelling workplace.”


Our Commitment

“Build community and Develop culture with a definite purpose is our business.”


“We operate with intention and dare to make decisions that is conclusive.”

“As an agile organization, we constantly question what could be better in order to continually improve with passion and confidence in what we do.”

“We believe that a satisfied client is the best business strategy of all. The Team that is passionate, persistent, who knows the product and let our clients take informed decision.”

“We believe in ourselves and all that we are. Know that there is something inside us that is greater than any obstacle. It’s the team that is tenacious not the talented that wins”

“Our attitude drives our mission, belief, and spirit to get there and create world-class experiences. We develop leaders”

“We strive to be characterized by distinction or excellence in what we do. We create world-class experiences through a strategized and engaging agenda”


We are concept creators, continue to deliver world-class events that provide deal facilitating opportunities to help our clients expand their geographical footprint, improve trade relations, business expansion in the emerging markets; raise capital through focused hosted buyer formats, including but not limited to summits, exhibitions, forums. Host Programs that enable access to distributor’s network, provide marketing and brand awareness services to enhance the brand value, and educate industry workforces through workshops and training programs. A strong dedication in providing strategic business information, blended with persistent focus on exclusivity; that motivates us to furnish and consistently deliver a competitive advantage to our partners.



We strive for excellence; improve businesses, trade relations, and communities by persistently elevating growth opportunities in the emerging markets by keeping the focus on commitment to enhancing sustainable lifestyle through programs such as:

Build a dialogue-driven engagement model, Thought leadership, Deal facilitation, Match-making Face to Face meetings, Product demo & Networking.

This is a unique service called bespoke event with a concept designed, produced and executed for a dedicated brand by bringing targeted audience under one roof through various opportunities such as not limited to keynote, Panel discussions, Roundtable discussions, Product Workshops and Networking

We host the most prestigious exposition at our summits to support partners and distributors in expanding their geographical footprint.

Become a member of GDNP (Global Distributors Networking Program) that enables opportunities to network with the local distributors across countries around the world.


Making Businesses Travel

We believe that the purpose of hosting meetings is to create deal flow opportunities for our clients in emerging markets by crafting concepts that reinforce learning, share knowledge, networking, and creation of businesses. We develop a marketing strategy in building brand awareness, ignite visibility through conferences, summits, trade shows, and expositions and further promote products and services that our clients and partners offer to the diverse range of industries.

The journey continues even after the event and further keeping clients engaged in creating procurement opportunities.

We help create great stories!


In this globalized era, to maximize opportunities in emerging markets, marketers are expected to design a framework and have a strategy in place to create brand awareness and build brand reputation. Having said that, marketers have to generate their customer data to build effective marketing campaigns.

We play our part by featuring delegate acquisition and vendor acquisition programs upon a stringent qualification and generate opportunities through newsletters sent across to millions of business leaders in our database, generate leads, and schedule face to face business appointments at our closed-door initiatives that are strictly open to pre-qualified delegates only and we call it a quality business market.


It all starts at the initial phase of a project with too many question marks.

The market study is all about obtaining information and further apply logical reasoning and analysis on customer thinking, behavior, buying pattern, and study on target geography.

Get insights on market trends, we are just a call away.

Training & Development

We work with industry expert trainers who offer world class certified professional courses and workshops in various fields such as Finance, Marketing, Leadership, Human resources, c-level, secretarial, Personality development, just to name a few.

Guidelines to New Market Entry:

  • Geographies and industries that have demand for your products/services.
  • Have periodic data on the state of the economy.
  • Type of Customers, their behavior, profiling to classify customers into generations x, y & z.
  • Is your value proposition realistic?

What is the cost of acquisition?

  • Analyze market segments, competitor positioning, identify customer expectations, and who else is servicing these customers?
  • How does your brand stand out?
  • What makes a product unique and competitive?

Can you transform the critical activities to profitable?

  • What should you charge?
  • What is an investment to get to this market and deliver customer support?
  • What are the costs to customer acquisition and retention?

Forecast your profit margins?

  • What are your Strengths?
  • Which of your strengths can help you expand your geographical footprint?
  • Identify your capability gaps.
  • Design optimal strategy for business expansion (organic, licensing, franchising, or joint venture).
  • Find suitable country partners and local advisors.

Create a framework for company structure, learning & development, operations, sales & marketing, and fulfillment to the successful launch.

  • Identify your capability gaps and bridge them
  • Evaluate if to outsource activities or retain them in-house.
  • Identify local partners and most capable suppliers.
  • Assess the right time to market entry.
  • Sourcing
  • Training
  • Acquisition of Agencies and Suppliers
  • Bridge the culture gap
  • Believe the plan of action
  • Execute
  • LEAD